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Our Last Bow

Nate Bucklin's bittersweet anthem to the persistance of the human spirit seemed like just the way to end a collection of music dedicated to a long-running serial about an exotic dancer and her adventures with her friends. It says just about everything you can say about how people get through hard times, and how pride is maintained.
Just like our fans, I like to think that after the story folds up, Omaha and Chuck and all their friends keep going, and facing whatever comes with as much energy as they have.


We Kept On




All my life I’ve had a left foot
Kept it moving every chance I got
Kept if pounding like a pulsar
Maybe faster or a little less hot.
And a right foot, two arms, and a body
And a feeling for a rhythmic groove.
And we’ve got a lot of friends and neighbors
And we’ve all been learning how to move.

I just want you to know that we kept on dancing
Right on till Doomsday morn.
I just want you to know that we kept on dancing
Clear through till Gabriel honked his horn.
Till the moon fell and cracked the skylight
And the sun came shining through.
I just want you to know that we kept on dancing
What else was there to do?

Outside the rain was falling
The wind was blowing far too fast.
Down the street there’s talk of a gang war
That I really don’t expect will last.
I’ve got a five dollar bill in my pocket
Got a smile growing on my face
And we’re moving like a herd of locomotives
And it’s more than just running in place.

Now you might think I’m making a statement
About the dancing frame of mind.
Maybe telling my own life story
Being just a little less than kind.
Or taking a cheap and easy chance
To sing another silly song.
Or you might think I’m being profound again,
But you would still be wrong.

© 1985 by Nate Bucklin

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