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This is the tune that launched Omaha to stardom. The video, the leopardskin outfit, the Herd, was all for this. To showcase the terpsichorean skills of our heroine, Kate cranked out a zippy tune with lots of flash, some pointedly feline vocalizing, and a few hairpin turns. It was fun sneaking it into the book again for her final dance at the "A" Block block party. I guess we're all just going to have to imagine how famous she got after that.






See that little kitten sittin’ there at the bar,
Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.
Your heart starts to sinking and you start to thinking
And your thoughts start traveling south.
Now hold it right there, son, stop where you are
And listen to what I say.
If you’re just looking for a cheap easy catch
You better look for easier prey.

This one’s a wildcat
If you’re in a hurry, boy you better turn around
She’s a wildcat
No one’s ever caught her, no one’s ever brought her down
She’s a wildcat.

So take it slow and easy and don’t move too fast
And don’t try to tell her no lies.
And if you win her hand and she takes you for her man
You’re in for a nice surprise.
Watching her float as she moves across the floor
Looking so easy and free
She looks so sweet and shy, but the gleam in her eye
Says there’s more there than what you can see.

She’s a wildcat
If you spark her desire, then you’ll feel her fire burn.
She’s a wildcat
If you get to love her, lover then you’re gonna leam,
She’s a wildcat.

Say you come on gentle and finally win her heart,
And you think that you’re sitting nice.
Watch your step, son, you’re not home free yet.
Let me give you one piece of advice.
If you ever think that you can mess around
Maybe this thought will give you pause.
Just because she’s got velvet fur
Doesn’t mean that she ain’t got claws.

She’s a wildcat
No one’s gonna own her, don’t think you can run around.
She’s a wildcat
Just because you claimed her, don’t think you can tame her down.
She’s a wildcat
If you love her true and you save her all of your smiles,
She’s a wildcat
But if you treat her right, she’ll sure make it worth your while.

© 1988 by Kate Worley

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