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Disreputable Character

Bob Berlien and the White Women were, respectively, Bob Berlien himself, spouse Kathy Routliffe, and Sandy Andina. Between the three of them, they terrorized the Chicago indie music scene with their wild mixture of cabaret, punk rock, and folk mutations. They were our parent band, in that they did more to create the Shakers than anyone who wasn't actually in it. We stole material, arrangements and inspiration from them without shame. Bob himself was always a disreputable character, who had a habit of coloring his hair to suit his mood. One day, he decided to grow it out because he'd forgotten what color it originally was ... and it came out white.


The Kiss and
the Knife




I’m on the wrong side of a marriage
I’m on the outside, I’m looking in
I know that I should turn away and run,
But time and time again, I just give in.

CHORUS: And I’m beginning to like this pinball life
Sliding squeaky-clean between the kiss and the knife.
The danger treats me nice, you know.
It really makes the adrenalin flow,
And the energy makes the attraction grow toward you.

I’ve seen her man and he’s a big one,
I know he’d tear me limb from limb,
But when I fall into her sweet, sweet arms,
The very last thing I think about is him.

I better grab my clothes and run now.
I can hear him coming up the drive.
But I just can’t resist one last illicit kiss.
My God, am I gonna make it out of here alive?

© 1985 by Bob Berlien

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