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The Omaha Song

When we set about to create an Omaha picture disk, the first item was to compose a theme song for our comic book. It didn't take long for me to write this 70s rock ballad, using material from the original story.


They Call
Her Omaha




I’m talking ‘bout the lady who’s dancing on the stage
And she calls herself after a city on the plains,
She moves just like a cheetah, and she sparkles like a star,
And the boys all love her, but nobody knows her name.
A dollar bill on the stage isn’t much of a wage
For showing everything she has to give.
And you can’t really see how someone lovely as she
Would need to work in a place like this to live
But soon that laughing lady has vanished from the stage
And you’re dazzled by the magic that you saw.
And no one in the barroom can tell you who she is,
Or why they call her Omaha.

The next night in the barroom there’s no one on the stage
And you ask about the dancer, Omaha.
The barkeep says, “We’re closing, and she has disappeared,
And this town ain’t safe for no one anymore.”
Now you wouldn’t have dreamed that the girl you had seen
Could ever be a woman of mystery.
But it’s really insane, nobody wants to explain
And no one knows a single thing about her history.
But somewhere in the darkness, a woman and her man
Are running from his father and the law.
They won’t say why they want her, or what’s their master plan,
Or even why they call her Omaha.

Some women dance from desperation.
And some dance to get away from home.
Some women dance ‘cause it’s their one and only chance
To make themselves a name that they can call their own.

And if you stand outside the barroom, maybe someday she’ll return
To the scene of all the happiness she caused,
And you’ll be free to wonder, if only you could learn
Just why they call her Omaha.

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