Nellie has never been the kind to suffer fools gladly. And no Nellie movie, or album, is complete without one of her famous Honky Tonk drop-dead songs. Presented for your enjoyment is the latest contribution to the upcoming musical, this one a solo with a lumbering Dixieland train-wreck blasting away in the smoky background. This song took me several months on and off to complete, but I sure learned a lot. Play it LOUD!





We said goodbye, i closed the door
You couldn't guess what i was crying for
You're so CLUELESS
Baby, why are you so CLUELESS
What's the matter with you?
You can't see the forest for the trees.

You never call, you never write
And now you're asking to spend the night
You're so CLUELESS
How'd you ever get so CLUELESS?
What's the matter with you?
Don't you ever listen to me?

I guess that i'm the object of your affection
That must mean that once, you musta looked in my direction
But no connection!

I'm all dolled up, I'm quite a view
And the only man who doesn't notice is you
You're so CLUELESS
Baby you're just so CLUELESS
Why can't you get a clue from me?

You know .. your romance with me is just a delusion
It's just half fantasy, and the rest confusion
It's illusion!

I'm so fed up, I can't go on
And you look at me like there's nothing wrong
You're so CLUELESS
Baby, if you're so CLUELESS
Why don't you get a clue from me?


+2 #2 Jenna 2016-11-11 04:09
Quoting Brett Bydairk:
Wow! This is great!

Ooh, yes indeed! It's such an adorable song with a sweet singer! ;-)
+2 #1 Brett Bydairk 2016-09-25 18:57
Wow! This is great!

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