Going Out of Business

It's 1937. Nellie is ready to Make It Big in Show Business, and her new friend Danny (a 3rd-rate song-and-dance man but secretly heir to a business empire) is ready to help her learn the ropes.
Danny is very interested in Nellie's talent and ambition, and is willing to take a lot of chances to put the plucky young singer on stage and also make a dancer of her, and maybe more.
Months in the making, this tune is the first Nellie production to be finished in over 10 years. Things have changed, and the cutting-edge tools I used then have grown up and become standard equipment for composers. There's a lot more power, and a lot more buttons to push. Please enjoy the result. I'm not stopping until I finish the movie.


Going Out
of Business



If you don't care much for moonlight
Or the shiny stars above,
You'll be Going Out of Business
In the business of love.
If you never feel the tingle
If you never feel your heart
You'll be Going Out of Business
Before you can start.
You gotta love the magic of
Beauty and joy
Or you don't belong in the song
Of every girl and boy.
If you can
Get with the music
And set your spirit free
You'll be going in the business
Of romance with me.

(him) If you don't care much for dancing
(her) If my feet don't move at all
(him) You'll (her) I'll (both) be Going Out of Business
And be left by the wall.
(her) If i don't think much of sunsets
If I think they're all the same
(him) You'll be Going Out of Business
In the love making game.
You gotta know, you could go
A long way with me
If only you could latch onto
A little bit of fancy free
You gotta
Work up your courage
And see the moonlight through
And you'll really be in business
(her) I'll really be in business
(both) And I'll be in business with you.

We gotta know, we could go
a long way, my dear
If only you and me can do
All the things that we're doing here
Just stick with the music
And do what we can do
And we'll really be in business
(her) I'll really be in business
(him) And i'll be (her) Just you and me!
(him) In business (her) Giving them the business!
(both) With You!


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+1 #2 Reed Waller 2016-05-22 02:55
Reed Waller

Reed Waller
The vocals are still being produced on an 11-year-old PPC app called VocalWriter, still the only Mac app capable of full MIDI control of text-to-speech. It's showing its age. The Fourier filters themselves are only MacInTalk quality, and will never fool anyone, it's still Robot Theater, but the upside is the tweaking i can do to customize all the phonemes and create realistic vibrato and dynamics etc. So even though they're robots, they can sing well, and with legato. As for the band, I'm doing my best not to create hi-fi but to recreate a vintage sound. I'm still experimenting with that. Right now, a warm blend is more important than clarity. Every day I work on this software, I learn something new. Next one will be better.
+2 #1 Reed Waller 2016-05-22 02:54
Comments from facebook:

Giovanna Fregni
Love it!

Reed Waller
It's still sloppy, but it is up and playing. I still have a lot to learn -- about voicing horns, about programming instrument articulation, and about arranging. But you can't learn without doing. After I have a few more songs under my belt, I'll be ready to go back and clean up and fix the stuff I've done for the album release.

RevMichael Belford
Experience is the best teacher.Good job so far.

David Dyer-Bennet
Some of the vocals work remarkably well -- surprising to me for *vocal* synthesis to reach that level (but I don't know that field at all). (Other times it gets a bit into "uncanny valley" territory for me, though; vocals specifically. Also vocals are emphasized in the mix enough that I don't get much of the details of the instrumentation I think, though again that's probably partly that I'm just not practiced in listening for it.)

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