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A break in the Broadway action to bring a soft moonlight song.

This tune was written many years ago, but wasn't finished in time for the Champagne album. I completely forgot about it until i played a draft of it by accident while rearranging my files.

While working on updating my old DAW files, I accidentally turned the aural exciter up to a zillion and blew out the built-in speakers on my computer. I had to order some external speakers, so I was careful not to buy anything too good. The whole point of the exercise is to get a good balance of good and bad speakers to test the mixes on. Now I think I have a system that I can work with with some confidence.

The "new" song (actually 18 years old) was a good opportunity for me to work with my new setup, and apply the things I've learned in the last year of trial and error. Mixing is part science and part art, and I still don't know much about either of them. But with this track, I think I'm getting closer to being able to produce something that's close to industry standard.

It was a pleasure to dig up this old number and put the polish on it, and even if it still isn't really finished (not much in the way of dynamics) it does have a good balance and I made good use of the exciter to bring out the guitar.

Please enjoy.

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